Downey Insurance Group Reminds You to Drive Carefully This Prom and Graduation Season

Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 in Insurance, Life

As prom season and graduation season are here, we at Downey Insurance want to remind you to drive safe.  Many new drivers are out, so be extra careful driving around this month. Downey Insurance would also like to remind you that you should never drive under the influence and you should always buckle up.

The problems of driving impaired happen all over the country. “A 2002 study revealed that 40% of teen traffic fatalities during the prom and graduation weekends were alcohol-related. Fatal car accidents, injuries, and assaults are not an adolescent rite of passage for any teen. Underage drinking is a major factor in the two leading causes of teenage deaths: car crashes and fatal injuries.”¹

At Marlborough High School, home of Downey Insurance’s interns, after senior prom, there is a substance-free All-Nighter. For the 25th consecutive year, the MHS All-Nighter, a collaborative effort of parents and the entire community of Marlborough, came together to provide a safe, alcohol and drug free celebration for the students following the senior prom. This year the theme was “Hollywood” and the students were all transported by busses to the local Wayside Racquet and Swim Club for a night of activities. The students were greeted by the paparazzi as they walked in the doors and had their picture taken with their date. Some activities there were swimming, tennis, zumba, games, tug-of-war, food, and more food. The Outback provided the students with delicious food all night!  A special thanks goes out to the VinBin and Bertucci’s for their help with the fundraising!

So make sure you’re safe this prom and graduation and from the folks at Downey Insurance, Congrats Grads! You did it! And Congrats to Lindsay and Curt, our interns here at Downey Insurance that graduated with the Class of 2010 from Marlborough High School!