7 % E-Customer discount with Safety Insurance for your Massachusetts Auto Policy

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Auto Insurance, Downey Insurance, Insurance, Personal Insurance

Safety Insurance has announced that effective 3/15/11 they are now offering up to a 7% discount for becoming an e-customer when you have a Massachustes Auto Policy.  We already offer an electronic policy option at Downey Insurance Group for customers that would like to receive any of their policies electronically. But, Safety Insurance is our first Insurance Company to add the incentive of a discount.  There are many advantages to receiving your insurance policy via e-mail.  Some people like it for the convenience factor or for environmental reasons.  I you would like to receive your policy via E-Mail please fill out this request form on our website:  http://www.downeyinsurance.com/service-center/go-paperless/

This Safety e-customer discount is just one of many discounts that Safety has to offer.   Here is a list of discounts that you may be eligible for with Safety Insurance.

Rewards for Safe Driving

  • Up to 25% for Excellent Driver Plus Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 6 years)
  • Up to 15% for Excellent Driver Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 5 years)
  • 5% Group Discount for drivers who participate in the In Control Advanced Driver Training program and become members of Safe Roads Alliance.

Multi-Policy Discounts

  • 10% Account Credit when you buy another insurance policy from Safety. (Other than Personal Auto)
  • Up to 10% Multi-Car Discount when you insure more than one personal automobile with Safety

Student Discounts

  • 10% Good Student Discount (B or better average, Dean’s List or Honor Roll)
  • 10% Student Away at School Discount for students on your auto policy who are away at school, at least 100 miles away, without regular access to a vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount of 10%

e-Customer Discount

  • Up to 7% when you qualify for an Account Credit and select combined account billing with electronic policy issuance.

Loyalty Discounts

  • Up to 4% for for continuous years insured with Safety or your agency.