Memorial Day Weekend at the 2011 Jambone- Do you have enough insurance coverage for your summer plans?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in Downey Insurance, Insurance, Personal Insurance

Blugrass music on the porch of a cabin on Mt Ascutney.

Charlie Downey has done it again! The 21st annual Jambone has gone off without a hitch, and I swear the quantity and quality of people are always increasing. The Jambone has become the unofficial start of summer for those that attend every year, as they catch up with folks they may not have seen all year. The picking is the best around whether you are playing or listening there is no better way to enjoy Bluegrass music than at the Jambone.

As the years have passed the musical stylings have expanded to include many other types of music but the heart of the Jambone will always be Blugrass music. The sounds of the banjo, dobro, guitar, stand up bass, flute, and the mandolin lift every one’s spirits at sunset on the porch of a small cabin on the side of Mt. Ascutney. The tents and trailers line the perimeter of the property and the children who have grown up together every Memorial Day weekend at the Jambone run free and play games as if it has not been a whole year since they have left this magical place.

Brook off the Brook Road in Windsor, VT.Nothing can trump the music of the Jambone except maybe the food! There is always so much delicious food at every meal that even the dogs are stuffed. The addition of a smoker this year was excellent, and hopefully it will make an appearance next year as well.

Charlie is so gracious to host this party every year. By opening up his property for people to camp, renting porta potties, and taking the kids to the brook to swim and cool off. I know he enjoys every minute of it! We all do, and we look forward to it every year.

I know one of the reasons he is able truly enjoy himself is because he knows that he has enough insurance coverage in the event of a property owners liability claim. If anyone was hurt or injured his Umbrella Policy would kick in with additional coverage over and above his primary liability policy. If you have assets that need protection an Umbrella policy is a must to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship in the event of a high dollar lawsuit.

Charlie has a way of making people feel welcome and taken care of in life and in his insurance business. Some people may not think of insurance people when they think of these traits but Charlie has made it his priority. His personal slogan “It’s all about helping the people” resonates throughout his whole organization.