Have a New Driver? – You Need to Read This

Posted by on Aug 23, 2011 in Insurance

At Downey Insurance Group we have a lot of clients that take this course because it can save them on their MA Auto Insurance.  But the safety factor trumps any cost/benefit of this coarse in my opinion.   I am now determined to send all 3 of my daughters to this In Control Crash Prevention class when they are learning to drive.  See if yo can get through this without crying…


A Message from In Control Crash Prevention Training 

As we approach 20,000 graduates we may get more used to receiving notes like this, but after getting our fifth unsolicited “In Control Moment” email in just two weeks, we wanted to share this timely and well written note:


My daughter was driving with her best friend, also 18, in the front passenger seat towards her old high school. A pickup truck didn’t see  her coming down the road, in oncoming traffic around 40-50mph. And turned left directly in front of her. Thanks to your instructors’ teaching, she slammed on the brake, maintained control of her car, swerved successfully around the pickup truck just barely missing it.


As my daughter reported to me: Mom, I just have to tell you, taking that course saved Brooke’s and my life today! I didn’t have time to think… I just reacted as they taught us. We would have been killed… At least an ambulance ride… The pickup driver was so shaken up and apologetic. He kept saying how sorry he was… He said he just didn’t see us. I wouldn’t have known what to do, or slam on the brakes, if it weren’t for this course and what they taught us…..it saved our lives.


So, can you please tell the course director and driver from Sunday, that they saved 2 lives on Friday: my daughter and her best friend.  I am flying today to drop my daughter off to start her freshman year. If it weren’t for your course, and the superb teaching, we would be having a very different experience this week…and not celebrating a daughter’s milestone to begin college, but a far worse parent’s worst nightmare instead.


So, just wanted to thank you and your instructors from the bottom of my heart.


In Control Crash Prevention is offering a Summer 2011 Family Discount through September 1st.  Please consider signing up yourself and your loved ones today.