New Mass Law Bans Mulch Next to Wood or Vinyl Sided Buildings

Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Downey Insurance

A new law took effect in Massachusetts this week banning landscape Mulch from surrounding buildings that have wood or vinyl siding.  All landscape mulch needs to be at least 18 inches from the base of these buildings.  Small residential buildings, with fewer that 6 units, are except from this law but still should consider following this new safety recommendation.  Pea stone or crushed rock is considered a safe alternative that is readily accessible.


Massachusetts State Fire Marchall Steven Coan states that this new law is in response to the many mulch fires in MA that spread to buildings, and have unfortunately caused tremendous damage.  One example is the 2008 apartment complex fire in Peabody, due to a cigarette that was discarded in mulch next to the building, that cause 7 Million dollars of damage.


This type of fire is preventable and should be taken very seriously.  At Downey Insurance we have seen the devastation that a building fire can cause, and the disruption to your business that may follow.  Most business insurance policies have an endorsement available called business interruption that will help cover you in the event of this type of tragedy.


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