Keene Pumpkin Fest vs Highwood Pumpkin Fest

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Downey Insurance

Keene Pumpkin Fest 2012 to Compete with Highwood Pumpkin Fest after Highwood Falsely Claims World Record in 2011

Keene Pumpkin Festival is getting some extra media attention from the national cable channel HGTV.  Drew Scott from the hit show Property Brothers will be traveling to Keene, NH for The Keene Pumpkin Festival, while his twin brother Jonathan Scott will be traveling to Highwood, Illinois for The Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival

Each brother will be trying to help their respective town reach their goal of setting the Guinness World Record for The Most Lit JackOLanterns In One Location.  This competition dubbed Pumpkin Wars will be broadcast on October 31st on HGTV at 9pm.

This competition must be a bit of a sore spot for Highwood, Illinois.  In 2011 it was widely reported in Illinois news, and even nationally, that they broke the world record at the Highland Pumpkin Fest.  Unfortunately according to the Guinness Book of World Records this was not the case.  I contacted Guinness World Records regarding the current record and this was their response:

“Hi Cate, thanks for the question. The current record is:

The record for the most lit Jack-o’-lanterns on display is 30,128 in an event organised by Camp Sunshine at the Life is good Pumpkin Festival in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on 21 October 2006.

Highwood may have had a large number of pumpkins displayed last year, but we have not received a suitable claim for this, so the 2006 record stands. Prior to the current record, Keene held it 5 times beginning in 1996.”

So it is questionable how many pumpkins The Highland Pumpkin Fest 2011 did display but there is no doubt that it was a close call.   Last year, The Keene Pumpkin Fest 2011 was only able to display 16,186 pumpkins.  They would need to almost double their participation in order to beat the the current record of 30,128 pumpkins.

The Keene Pumpkin Fest has been a local favorite for the past 20 years in Keene, NH and was almost lost due to a lack of resources.  It was saved by the creation of a non-profit organization, Let it Shine, Inc. Their one and only purpose is to continue the magical pumpkin tradition for Keene, NH. 

Sterling Design and Communications has been tasked to manage this years hyped up festival.  The additional pressure of competing on a national stage and the addition of new events has not kept them preparing for a fantastic show.  They have done an exceptional job and and we should expect one of the grandest Pumpkin Fests to date.

This year’s Keene Pumpkin Fest has a busy schedule and is adding may new events such as The Great Pumpkin Mile Race that will run through the pumpkin lined streets of Keene.  Also a children’s costume contest, pumpkin bowling, food and craft vendors, and the Pumpkin Dump Derby a race to clean up all the pumpkins with competing cleanup teams.

This is for sure an exciting time for the Keene Community.  I can’t wait to see how many pumpkins they can crank out this year!  Don’t miss Pumpkin Wars that will air on HGTV on Halloween, October 31st at 9pm.