It’s Moving Day! Downey Insurance is Back on Flat Street in Brattleboro VT

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After 3 months at our temporary location at 57 Elliot Street  Brattleboro, VT we are finally back in our 80 Flat Street Location that was flooded out by hurricane Irene.  What a crazy ride it has been, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Overall Downey Insurance Group is lucky, all we lost were material possessions.  Thanks to technology and the ability to work “in the cloud” we did not lose any of our policy data and we were able to help clients with their own claims during and after the disaster.  We could work from the top of Mt. Wantastiquet if we wanted to, but there is nothing like you own familiar surroundings to make you feel at home.  With the addition of new office furniture and carpet we think our office is looking pretty snazzy.  Thank you to Conte Office Interiors for helping us with our new office furniture!


Looking around Flat Street it is hard to envision what it looked like during the flood.  We found this video on You Tube, we don’t know this guy but I would like to thank him for this crazy footage of Flat Street during the flood.  Check out this video of our office building being ravaged by the flood waters…

To get the whole story read our first Flood Blog post.

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Your Car Will Not Feel Abandoned If You Leave It Behind, But I Guarantee Your Family Will If You Drive Drunk

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I met a new friend this year her name is Beatrice Serewicz -Homes.  We met at an infant swim class with our daughters, later to find out that we lived a mile from each other.  We have become close over the last year and when she told me her brother was killed in a horrific drunk driving acident on July 17th 2010 I remembered watching the story on the news and feeling for the family even though I had no idea his sister lived so close to us.

The other driver was drunk and traveling in the wrong direction on I-90 in Worcester, MA.  This drunk driver struck Thomas Serewicz vehicle, head on, killing Tommy and his friend that was a passenger in the vehicle.  Thomas was 24, he was married with 2 small boys.  Tom’s two sisters, his wife and children, his Mother, and his friends were devastated.  My friend Bea was 9 month pregnant at the time and gave birth to her daughter 2 weeks later.

Here is an excerpt from a note written by Tom’s Mother Lynn Serewicz:

Altering your mind, is altering your mind. Drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation…. kills! And for some who say I’ll take my chances it’s my life… NO IT ISN’T!! not when innocent people die! and little boys are left without their daddy!!!  Have you ever heard or said yourself, I don’t even remember how I got home last night.. I’ve heard people say things like “there’s a dent in my car, I don’t know what happened”, or, I banged up my knee and I don’t know how I did it..” all this after a night of drinking… ever wonder how many accidents they may have caused without ever knowing it? Maybe in the paper that next day was a story of a car that went off the road…. and people killed… maybe the one who doesn’t
know how they got home, drove that car off the road!! how would they ever know???? Or a victim of a hit and run.. could THAT be how your car got dented???

This mom sureis MADD, but most of all, wants others to know Tom was here, he was/is important to this world. but is gone now because someone decided this was how she wanted to live her life. Imagine how her family must feel? the devastation from this one act is endless.

PLEASE, think before you drink/drug. (she was highly intoxicated and drugged).

Thank you all for reading. I’m so sorry it’s sad. I’m so sorry we live in a world where this kind of thing can happen.

God Bless us all!


Last week the family held a 1 Year memorial for Tommy at the Stone Church in West Boylston, MA.   They chose the location because it was Tom’s favorite fishing place. They had prayer, memories, released red balloons (for MADD) with red ribbons tied to them with messages from the hearts of family and friends written on them.  They sang by the water’s edge, Amazing Grace.  Tom’s Mother Lynn and family were deeply touched by the presence of many friends and love ones and their gift of love and remembrance of Tommy.   Later, they shared food, laughter, tears, and stories of Tom, his antics, his love.

I am telling this from a third person perspective because that is all I can do, I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to lose a loved one to such a tragic accident that is 100% preventable.  Tom also did not have a Life Insurance policy.   While Life Insurance cannot begin to make up for the loss of a love one, it can make the lives of those left behind a little more manageable.    At Downey Insurance we support making your car a “No Phone Zone” to prevent Texting While Driving  this may not be as much of a no-brainer as not driving drunk but it is just as important.  So PLEASE do not drive drunk, and PLEASE don’t allow someone else to drive drunk whose judgment may be impaired.  Your car will not feel abandoned if you leave it behind but I guarantee your family will if you drive drunk.

Cate Downey Potenza

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Memorial Day Weekend at the 2011 Jambone- Do you have enough insurance coverage for your summer plans?

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Blugrass music on the porch of a cabin on Mt Ascutney.

Charlie Downey has done it again! The 21st annual Jambone has gone off without a hitch, and I swear the quantity and quality of people are always increasing. The Jambone has become the unofficial start of summer for those that attend every year, as they catch up with folks they may not have seen all year. The picking is the best around whether you are playing or listening there is no better way to enjoy Bluegrass music than at the Jambone.

As the years have passed the musical stylings have expanded to include many other types of music but the heart of the Jambone will always be Blugrass music. The sounds of the banjo, dobro, guitar, stand up bass, flute, and the mandolin lift every one’s spirits at sunset on the porch of a small cabin on the side of Mt. Ascutney. The tents and trailers line the perimeter of the property and the children who have grown up together every Memorial Day weekend at the Jambone run free and play games as if it has not been a whole year since they have left this magical place.

Brook off the Brook Road in Windsor, VT.Nothing can trump the music of the Jambone except maybe the food! There is always so much delicious food at every meal that even the dogs are stuffed. The addition of a smoker this year was excellent, and hopefully it will make an appearance next year as well.

Charlie is so gracious to host this party every year. By opening up his property for people to camp, renting porta potties, and taking the kids to the brook to swim and cool off. I know he enjoys every minute of it! We all do, and we look forward to it every year.

I know one of the reasons he is able truly enjoy himself is because he knows that he has enough insurance coverage in the event of a property owners liability claim. If anyone was hurt or injured his Umbrella Policy would kick in with additional coverage over and above his primary liability policy. If you have assets that need protection an Umbrella policy is a must to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship in the event of a high dollar lawsuit.

Charlie has a way of making people feel welcome and taken care of in life and in his insurance business. Some people may not think of insurance people when they think of these traits but Charlie has made it his priority. His personal slogan “It’s all about helping the people” resonates throughout his whole organization.

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We have a new Blog!

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We now have a new blog on our website that we will be posting on in addition to   Here is the link:

Yesterday I posted a blog about Massachusetts Auto Insurance Coverages.  It is amazing how many coverages the Massachusetts Auto Policy has, and they can sometimes be hard to understand.  This blog gives a brief overview of each coverage.  Our Agents are experts in Massachusetts Auto Insurance  and can help you choose which coverages are right for you.   We would love to here from you, please call 508-485-0130 or visit our website

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Do you need a Personal Umbrella Policy?

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A personal umbrella policy is an insurance policy that provides additional protection to insurance holders and their families on an excess basis over different basic personal insurance policies like auto insurance policy, home insurance policy and boater’s policy. Since the umbrella policy provides excess liability insurance over the insured person’s primary policies, it is also known as excess liability insurance.
Personal umbrella insurance coverage is usually large and is applicable worldwide. It applies to losses that have not been covered by primary personal insurance policies. In other words, the compensation comes only after the limits of the underlying basic policies have been fully exhausted. A standard umbrella policy usually provides coverage on a single limit occurrence basis.

Befitting its name, personal umbrella policy only pays compensation for claims, lawsuits and judgments that are related to one’s personal life and affairs. Business or professional claims are not considered under the personal umbrella policy. Of course, special coverages have been arranged for some business affairs / dealings like ownership of office buildings, retail and rental residences.

What Liability Coverages Are Assured By The Personal Umbrella Policy?The liability coverages included as part of personal umbrella policies are the use and ownership of real estate nd automobiles, even boats and jet-skis. Travel activities and other civic-affair going-ons such as libel and slander allegations are also considered under the personal umbrella policy.
At times, the personal umbrella policy provides coverage for “personal injury”. Here, personal injury does not stand for any bodily injury or property damage of the insurance holder; it rather provides protection against the infringement of one’s rights, livelihood and renown. Defamation cases, false arrests/imprisonments, invasion of privacy, malicious prosecution and similar happenings are categorized as personal injury.

The personal umbrella policy pledges you financial protection against claims and lawsuits wherein you are sued for being the cause of (even though unintentionally) someone else’s physical or mental suffering (including bodily injury and damage of property).

No liability coverage is provided for damages from asbestos/lead exposures, pollution or for the transmission of communicable diseases. You will neither enjoy any protection against any kind of discrimination or against warfare. Damages for sexual abuse or for workers’ exploitation are not entertained under the umbrella policy. Other exclusions include coverage for intentional/illegal acts as well as claims for accidents/incidents taking place before the policy becomes valid.

For liability coverage/protection in any one of the above cases, you will need to make special request through your application. Your representative will take care of the rest, arranging a policy (with adequate coverage) if at all possible.


Call your agent at DOWNEY INSURANCE GROUP for more information.

Our clients are our families, Our friends and our Neighbors and it’s our obligation and commitment to all of you to protect what you have worked hard to build.

please visit our website to learn more about us.

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7 % E-Customer discount with Safety Insurance for your Massachusetts Auto Policy

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Safety Insurance has announced that effective 3/15/11 they are now offering up to a 7% discount for becoming an e-customer when you have a Massachustes Auto Policy.  We already offer an electronic policy option at Downey Insurance Group for customers that would like to receive any of their policies electronically. But, Safety Insurance is our first Insurance Company to add the incentive of a discount.  There are many advantages to receiving your insurance policy via e-mail.  Some people like it for the convenience factor or for environmental reasons.  I you would like to receive your policy via E-Mail please fill out this request form on our website:

This Safety e-customer discount is just one of many discounts that Safety has to offer.   Here is a list of discounts that you may be eligible for with Safety Insurance.

Rewards for Safe Driving

  • Up to 25% for Excellent Driver Plus Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 6 years)
  • Up to 15% for Excellent Driver Discount (no accidents or incidents in past 5 years)
  • 5% Group Discount for drivers who participate in the In Control Advanced Driver Training program and become members of Safe Roads Alliance.

Multi-Policy Discounts

  • 10% Account Credit when you buy another insurance policy from Safety. (Other than Personal Auto)
  • Up to 10% Multi-Car Discount when you insure more than one personal automobile with Safety

Student Discounts

  • 10% Good Student Discount (B or better average, Dean’s List or Honor Roll)
  • 10% Student Away at School Discount for students on your auto policy who are away at school, at least 100 miles away, without regular access to a vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount of 10%

e-Customer Discount

  • Up to 7% when you qualify for an Account Credit and select combined account billing with electronic policy issuance.

Loyalty Discounts

  • Up to 4% for for continuous years insured with Safety or your agency.
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