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A client came in this morning in Marlboro ma. looking for assistance.  There was a language barrier so it was hard to figure out what he needed but I finally figured out he was not OUR client but a client of one of the huge conglomerate insurance companies that spends more on advertising than on claims for their customers… Go Figure…

He had purchased a new car and that other large marketing machine emailed the registry paperwork to him to print out and take to the registry on his own – no advice – no help – no One-on-one.  However this individual did not have a computer. Luckily He was recommended by a friend to come here and see if we could help him out.

I helped him print out the form, which was rather difficult, then when the form was printed….it was not completely filled out.  I had to finish completing the form for this non client of ours. I then advised him that if this paperwork was wrong, I’d like to be sure his coverage is correct, to bring in his dec page when he gets it and I’ll look it over for him.

He did just that and is now a satisfied client of Downey Insurance Group in Marlborough, Ma.  for his Auto Insurance

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